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Provas Mondal

I have been coaching since 1991  in a number of countries in Europe and have taken my stage 4 coaching qualification (the highest level) in Sweden.

Over 9 years I have worked in Trollhättans BTK, personal coach to players such as - Robert Svensson(Europen junior top 12 Champion, European junior doubles runner up)..

Anthony Josefsson, Robin Johansson. Matilda Johansson(cadet Swedish national team) and many others who is playing for Swedish national team.

Kristian Karlsson, 2006 European cadet team champion (gold), mix doubles champion (gold), singles runner up (silver), and cadet doubles runner up (silver) in European Championship, Sarajevo 2006,2009 junior European doubles champion. 2008 German open Champion. Current Swedish senior national team player.

For a period of one year I was also in Falköping (working with such as Frederik Andersson, bronze in Sydney and silver in Athens in the Para Olympics.

Since September 2007 I have worked as a head coach of Okehampton Table Tennis club in England  (the club works with schools and collages mainly).
Year 2007-2008 worked in Wales for Rhonda Table Tennis academy, player like Ryan Jenkins and Stephen Jenkins. Sometime attending Wales national coaching camp with Alan Griffiths.

2008-2010 worked in Italy as head coach for ASD Terni TT and Umbria Regional team.

Since August 2010 -2014 I have worked as a coah at Werner Schlager Academy (WSA)

Recently I am working as a head coach of Tennistavolo Norbello in Italy

Over a number of years I have had experience working on Swedish national junior and cadet team training camps with international coaches such as Kjell-Åke Waldner, Linus Mernsten, Anders Karlsson and others.

I have also had experience working with both the junior and the senior national teams in Luxembourg and in several elite and first division clubs in Spain and Italy. I have worked with players at all levels. 

Craige Campbell


I have been playing table tennis since the age of eleven.  I began my pingis journey in a daydream one day in primary school,  sitting at my desk thinking about fishing and wondering  why all the other kids were holding their hands up.  I thought to myself I better get my hand up to.  It turned out that the other kids were holding their hands up to show interest in table tennis lessons,  and I had also just signed up,  and so my journey began.  I played obsessively  from then on.  Becoming a national player for a small country and playing several major tournaments like the US Open,  World Championships and the Commonwealth Games.  After winning an Olympic scholarship to play at a top European Club I left my small island and began my playing and coaching journey.  Since then I have played and coached at several English and Swedish clubs and worked with many students at all ages and levels.  I am not particular about the age ,level or ability of my students. I am, however, particular about ambition, discipline, dedication,  application and a thirst for understanding.   I enjoy the sound of the ball and everything that comes with it.  I'm looking forward to making some nice sounds and shapes in Stocksund.  

Moa Arvidsson

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